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Marshmallow Snowman-on-a-Stick

Marshmallow Snowman-on-a-Stick

10 Min(s)
10 Min(s) Prep
Make a fun, festive centerpiece with our Marshmallow Snowman-on-a-Stick recipe. Try making this fun marshmallow snowman recipe for the holidays with the kids. You can use these as holiday centerpieces, as a hot chocolate decorations or cake toppers.
What You Need
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1 serving
Original recipe yields 1 serving
1 peanut butter cup
1 chocolate wafer cookie
1/2 tsp. creamy peanut butter, divided
2 pretzel sticks
1 chewy fruit snack roll
5 candy-coated chocolate pieces
black decorating gel
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Let's Make It
Thread marshmallows on lollipop stick to resemble a snowman.
Attach peanut butter cup to wafer with half the peanut butter. Place on top of snowman for the hat, securing hat to wafer with the remaining peanut butter.
Insert pretzel sticks into middle marshmallow for the arms.
Cut fruit snack roll into desired length for the scarf; wrap around the snowman's neck.
Decorate snowman with remaining ingredients as desired.
Kitchen Tips
Tip 1
Variation - Mummy on a Stick
Thread 3 marshmallows on lollipop stick as directed. Wrap fruit roll around marshmallows for mummy's wrappings, leaving small area unwrapped for the eyes. Add miniature chocolate chips for the "eyes."
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