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"Minute-Man-Egg" Sandwiches!!

"Minute-Man-Egg" Sandwiches!!

5 Min(s)
What You Need
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1 serving
Original recipe yields 1 serving
1 or 2 eggs
2 slices white or wheat bread (or 1 flour tortilla or single serving pizza crust);
Kraft Miracle Whip or Kraft Mayonnaise;
Optional: slices Kraft Singles Cheese
Optional: 1 or 2 teaspoons Kraft Mustard (yellow, Dijon or brown mustard)
Optional: 1 small can tuna (in water), drained
2 teaspoon s Claussen Sweet Relish (celery or dill pickle slices that are thinly sliced and/or finely chopped);
Spices: basil, thyme and or dill (even a dash or two of fresh mint leaves), can be used (all spices can be fresh or dried, but best if basil leaves are finely chopped),
Optional garnish(es), to present the dish, such as: pimentos or fresh parsley;
non-food ingredients:
(1) 2 bowls: (one glass, for presentation, if desired) and microwave save bowl);
(2) saran wrap (enough to cover the bowl);
(3) 1 fork or (optional): whisk;
(4) 1 knife (optional); to make little sandwich "bites" with (fancy) toothpicks.
(5) Pot holders (to take the bowl out of the microwave);
(6) 1 plate to present the sandwich(es);
(7) Fancy option: fancy toothpicks!
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Let's Make It
TO make a "Simply Scrambled" Egg Style Sandwich:
First: take the egg out, and crack it open into a microwave safe bowl.
Second: scramble it slightly with a fork (or a lot, with a whisk, if you prefer your eggs more 'blended').
Third: Cover the bowl with Saran Wrap (poke one or two holes in it, for ventilation), then;
Fourth: Microwave for 1 minute, 30 seconds (for two eggs, about 2 minutes);
Fifth: (TUNA OPTION): (While you are microwaving the egg(s), if you want to add tuna: Open the can of tuna , drain it, then: place it in a glass bowl.
Sixth: Toast the bread. Also do this to maximize your time, while you are microwaving the egg(s), place the slices of bread into the toaster (if you want 'toasted' bread), lightly toasting the bread.
Seventh: Take out the bowl with egg(s) and put them into a glass bowl.
Eighth: Mix in the Miracle Whip (or mayonnaise), and
Ninth: (Your Option): Mix in the relish, or finely chopped pickles.
Tenth: (Your Option): Mix in mustard (one or two teaspoons, should do it),
Eleventh: Mix it together (or 'lightly toss' as if it's a salad).
Twelfth: Throw in the spice(s) randomly and once again, lightly mix (or 'toss' the mixture 'like a salad' to 'lightly mix the spices' in... and keep in the "Presentation Bowl' with the bread on the plate...
OR: Spoon out onto your choice of bread as a single sandwich with choice of garnish(es);
OR: Fancy Option!
If you have the time and want to present this dish at a party, you might want to double or triple the quantity and then slice the sandwiches up into little pieces, and present them as 'Fun- Appetizer-Bites')! Simply chop up each sandwich into little sandwich "Bites" (remove crust, if you desire). Finally, place a (fancy or plain) toothpick in each "Mini-Sandwich" and garnish with colorful pimientos, or fresh parsley as desired!
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