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FAQ: Kraft Heinz Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Product Locator work?

We appreciate your interest and loyalty to our products! The Product Locator is designed to help you find your favorite Kraft products in nearby grocery stores. If you enter a zip code and receive a list of stores, those stores have carried your desired product within the past 30 days. However due to fluctuations in sales and distribution we cannot guarantee that the same stores will have the product available on any specific day. If you don't see it on grocery shelves we recommend that you check with the store manager to determine when the product may again be available at that location.

You may also see a message if the product has been discontinued or if it is new to grocer's shelves. If you can't find a product, please don't be discouraged as our Locator is frequently updated.

To visit the Product Locator page, please click on the link below: