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Chili Queso Dip
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Chili Queso Dip

Chili Queso Dip
Zest up any snack table with this Chili Queso Dip recipe. Perfectly chopped chunks of tomatoes, green chilies and VELVEETA make this an exquisite dip to accompany your favorite grazing table sides. Get ready to dip in!
10 Min(s) Prep | 10 Min (s) Cook
32 servings (2 tablespoons each)
10Min(s) Prep
10Min (s) Cook
32 servings (2 tablespoons each)
(15 oz.) chili without beans
(10 oz.) diced tomatoes and green chiles, drained
(16 oz.) VELVEETA
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Combine chili, drained tomatoes and Velveeta in medium saucepan.
Cook over medium heat 5 minutes or until Velveeta is melted completely and mixture is blended, stirring frequently.
Serve warm as a dip with tortilla chips, crackers or cut-up fresh vegetables.
kitchen Tips
Cook's Tips:
To make in microwave, combine chili, drained tomatoes and Velveeta in 1-1/2-quart microwave-safe dish; cover. Microwave on HIGH 6 minutes or just until Velveeta melts, stirring after 3 minutes. Remove from microwave; stir until mixture is blended. CAUTION: Dish will be hot; use hot pads.