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Marshmallow Launcher

adult supervision recommended
 Marshmallow Launcher
Learn how to make a marshmallow launcher out of a few household materials! Physics gets fun with this marshmallow launcher experiment that shows how kinetic energy works. Grab your bag of JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows and start learning!
What you need
Empty toilet paper tube (just the cardstock tube)
Rubber band
Masking or duct tape
JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows
Stop watch, scale, and measuring tape if you want to calculate the kinetic energy 
Make it
(psst...check the boxes next to each step to mark as complete)
How can you measure the amount of kinetic energy created?use the equation:  Kinetic Energy = ½ x Mass x Velocity(squared)The Mass of a single jet-puffed miniature marshmallow is about 1g.The Velocity of your marshmallow is the distance it traveled divided by the time it took to travel. If your marshmallow traveled 14 meters in 2 seconds, the velocity is 7meters/second.KE = ½ x (1g) x (7)² squared= ½ x 0.001kg x 49 m²/s²= 0.0245 Joules!
Give these a try!
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adult supervision recommended
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