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Valentine’s Day Decorations for Home to Stay Cozy, Cute or Romantic

Valentine’s Day Decorations for Home to Stay Cozy, Cute or Romantic

Like decorating for any occasion, filling your space with Valentine’s Day decorations for home will be sure to spark some joy—and romantic feelings! Whether you plan on celebrating the day with your significant other, simply do it for the kids or even go the Anti-Valentine’s Day route, these ideas for at-home Valentine’s Day decor will put a smile in your heart and on your loved ones’ faces.

DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations for Home

There’s no need to buy a ton of pricey decorations from the craft store. Your at-home Valentine’s Day decor can be as simple as using items you already have around the home. Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Balloons, cards or signs, sealed with a kiss: If you have some red or pink lipstick, pucker up to place a smooch on any number of decorations or greeting cards. It’s an easy way to say, “Mwah!”
  • Paper chains: If you’ve got kiddos around—or even if you don’t—you likely have a pile of construction paper ready to make a number of paper chains. Choose pinks, reds and whites for Valentine’s Day, and hang up the homemade chains anywhere you want to look at them! We like them around a mantle or around windows and doorframes.
  • Heart garland: Enhance the typical paper garland with this method. Use sturdy cardstock or paper plates to cut out hearts. You can add cute messages to the hearts, like conversation heart candy, or simply leave them blank. Punch two holes in the top of each heart, then string them with kitchen twine or any other long string you have handy.
  • Go red: whether you have red tablecloths, curtains, hand towels, plates, napkins, whatever, use up all your red accessories to really amp up the Valentine’s Day decor. This is also a chance to display any red non-holiday-specific decor you might have from the holiday season, whether that’s a selection of globe ornaments in a bowl or hanging some red ornaments on your regular home decor or house plants.
  • Print out the decorations: At-home Valentine’s Day decor can be as simple as printing out cute pictures you find on Pinterest or other places on the web. Display them on your fridge, on windows or in frames.
  • Create a Valentine’s Day tablescape: Use any of the aforementioned ideas to decorate your table for Valentine’s Day. This might be a V-Day grazing table or a kids’ craft table. Bring out your red cups or mugs, any red plates or serving ware and pink and white napkins.

If you’re not feeling particularly crafty, you can always decorate some cupcakes or cookies with a festive touch. Elegant cakes and desserts are also great options for your at-home Valentine’s Day. Try a Hot Chocolate Torte for a real show-stopper, or make a pretty pink heart cake. Consider making some Valentine’s Day Popcorn, heart-shaped desserts and other Valentine’s Day menu options. Serve these recipes in pink or red bowls or on a heart-shaped platter if you have one.

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