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Easter Games & Activities

Easter Games & Activities

Expand your Easter family fun beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt. Establish some new Easter traditions in your house with these Easter games and activities—from making tie-dye Easter eggs to springtime picture frames. Be forewarned: These activities will require Easter edibles! For that, we have entire collections of delicious eats, from Easter brunch and dinner ideas to yummy Easter cupcakes and desserts.

Celebrate this year with fun and exciting Easter games and activities. From Easter egg decorating to Easter crafts, there are so many ways to celebrate Easter.

  • Fill large plastic eggs with age-appropriate toys, stickers and wrapped candy (Tip: Keep safety in mind and avoid choosing small hard objects or round or sticky candies that may pose a choking hazard for children under 6 years of age.). Filling the eggs can be done well in advance of the Easter egg hunt itself, of course. When the big day arrives, keep an eye on young children during the Easter egg hunt, so you'll be right there if they need you. And, if you plan on making your Easter egg hunt an annual event, buy the large plastic eggs immediately after the holiday when they are on sale
  • Make Tie-Die Easter Eggs. Squirt or drizzle various colors of paint (not too much!) onto a paper towel. Place a hard cooked egg in the center and carefully wrap paper towel around egg, pressing gently. Remove paper towel carefully. Egg will be colored with a tie-dye effect!
  • Decorate tiles. Buy inexpensive plain white, beige or pastel tiles from a hardware store or home improvement center. Paint or decorate with stickers for an easy Easter activity.
  • Customize picture frames. Buy 3" by 5" wooden picture frames. Paste on Stickers or small decorative cut-outs of flowers, birds, eggs or other springtime motifs.
  • Take an instant photo of each family. Each group can put their photo in their customized picture frame and save as a keepsake of the day

Try Easter activities and games like these to keep your little bunnies excited and engaged this year.

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