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How to Make a Party on Ice

How to Make a Party on Ice

Ice Skating Wonderland Cake

A birthday party on ice is better than nice - it's a fun-filled way to make the birthday boy or girl feel like a champion.

Venue Options
  • Rent a party room at an indoor rink.
  • Skate at a local outdoor rink and take the party home afterward.
  • For a season full of fun, build your own backyard rink.

    tip: remember to rent skates - reserve sizes beforehand - and ask for parent volunteers to help keep everyone on their feet.

Great Ways to Decorate

At an arena
  • Make a large sign accented with skating-theme stickers for the party room door.
  • Choose an "icy" palette, like light blue, silver and white for plastic tableware, tablecloth, streamers and balloons. Or, hockey fans will love their favorite team's colors.
For a backyard party
  • Hang holiday lights for a festive feel.
  • Put out plastic lawn chairs for a place to rest.
  • Set up a hot chocolate stand.
  • Anchor helium balloons at intervals around the rink by tying the string around snowballs.

Fun for all

At an arena
  • Hire an instructor to wow kids with skating tricks, to lead skating games and to help beginners.
  • Structure the party by separating two 1/2 hour or hour long time-slots on the ice with a 1/2 an hour for opening presents, eating snacks and cutting the cake.
  • Play Ice Tag; teach kids to skate backwards; or have a super-cool dance party.
Backyard or outdoor rink
  • Play Cold Snowball (just like hot potato only with a snowball).
  • Play Keep the Balloon Up - on ice skates!
  • Play Ice Tag; teach kids to skate backwards; or have a super-cool dance party.

Fab Party Favors

  • colorful mitts
    tip: give the mitts out early to help identify party goers at the rink.
  • a skating badge or ribbon or hockey cards
  • stickers or stamps with a skating or winter theme
  • kids' fun-flavor lip balm
  • small plastic hockey stick
  • inexpensive mug with skating or winter motif stuffed with a single serving pack of hot chocolate
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