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How to Make a Spa Party

How to Make a Spa Party

Diva Sleepover Cake

Girls will love this special spa birthday party. It's an action-packed evening that's sure to incite girly giggles!

7 Great Ways to Decorate

  1. Place cucumber or lemon flavored water in jugs on the refreshment table.
  2. Hang mosquito netting or sheets over spa stations for the sense of an exotic spa-getaway.
  3. Have adult helpers dress in uniforms, such as black pants and T-shirts with a white esthetician coat (or a large white shirt) overtop.
  4. Display fresh flowers for a grown-up spa look.
  5. Ensure the main party room has lots of floor cushions and blankets for lounging.
  6. Leave out magazines and books for girls to read in-between "treatments."
  7. Light fragrant candles and put out bowls of potpourri.
    safety note: place candles in a safe location and always have an adult in the room while they're lit.

    tip: recruit a few helper "estheticians" (other moms or a couple of your friends) for the evening to assist you in the fun and games.

Fun For All

  • Have girls change into their pajamas, slippers and robe as soon as they arrive.
  • Play Magnificent Manicures. Arrange different colors of nail polish in a circle on a table. Put an orange stick (from a manicure set) in the middle and have each girl spin it. Whatever color it points to is the color the girl will wear.
  • Do a Make-Up Relay. Have two adult "models" (you and one of your girlfriends) sit on chairs and get made-over. Divide girls into two teams. Put make-up (blush, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, sparkly gloss, etc.) in a bag. Set a timer for 8 minutes. One girl from each team races up, picks (no peaking!) a cosmetic from the bag and applies it to the model. When she's finished, the next in line races up. Giggles and funny faces are guaranteed!
  • Spa stations. Adult helpers give girls spa treatments at stations in party room, such as facials complete with cucumber slices on eyes, pedicures, manicures and hand massages.
  • Treasure Hunt. Hide cosmetic products (including travel-size shampoos, moisturizers and fragrant soap) around the house. Give each girl a different list of certain hidden cosmetics (so everyone gets the same amount) and send them on a hunt.
  • Rent a karaoke machine for lots of laughs and have some funny movies on-hand for the end of the evening.

Fab Party Favors

  • nail polish
  • nail file
  • flavored lip gloss
  • inexpensive slippers or flip flops
  • travel-size body creams, face-masks, moisturizers, fragrant soap
  • candy bracelet and necklace
  • small cosmetic bag
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