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How to Make a Music Party

How to Make a Music Party

Strum-Along Guitar Cake

This party will be music to their ears! Choose from our cakes, activities, and decorating ideas.

7 Great Ways to Decorate

  1. Invitations can be hand-made 'concert tickets' which guests can hand-over at the front door 'admission booth'.
  2. Posters of the birthday boy or girl's favorite musical artist can be hung around the party area.
  3. Fill the air with music - let the birthday guests make requests for their favorite songs.
  4. Purchase music-themed paper plates, cups and napkins at a party store.
  5. Ask guests to arrive dressed as the musical artist of their choice.
  6. Decorate the party area with musical instruments, either real, or hand-made.
  7. Dangle hand-drawn and cut-out musical notes from the ceiling by streamers or fishing line.

Fun For All

  • Hire a musician, or have an adult engage the younger children in a singing and dancing session.
  • Play name that tune - play a short piece of music and have guests either sing the next line of lyrics, or name the artist or name of the song.
  • Play a game of freeze-dance, or musical chairs to the guests' favorite music.
  • Rent a karaoke machine and let the kids sing along.
  • Hire a choreographer/dance teacher, or have an adult choreograph a short 'hip hop' (or other) dance routine for older kids.

Fab Party Favors

  • Musical stickers.
  • Toy flute, whistle or harmonica.
  • Small posters of popular musical artists.
  • 'Rocker' dress-up items such as colored hair extensions or nail decorations, (for older kids).
  • Download (legally) music images onto 'iron-on' printer paper for guests to apply to t-shirts at home. 
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