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How to Make a Pirate Party

How to Make a Pirate Party

Buccaneer Cake
Welcome Aboard! Throw a great pirate birthday party using these great recipes and party tips.

7 Great Ways to Decorate:

1. Purchase helium-filled black balloons to signal the pirate party entrance.
2. Hang a skull and cross-bones pirate flag in the party area.
3. Make a treasure chest using a large box, gold wrap and jewel-colored cut-outs - place the gifts in or near it.
4. Decorate the party table with sand, seashells and toy jewels such as necklaces and foil-wrapped chocolate coins.
5. Have the guests come dressed as pirates, or paint faces and provide eye patches upon their arrival.
6. Purchase black paper plates, cups and napkins from a party store
7. Hang a length of craft paper on a wall and let guests paint their own pirate scene.

Fun For All

  • Create a treasure hunt for the pirate guests; hand them a map with clues that will eventually lead to their goody bags; either hand-written clues for older guests, or picture clues for non-readers.
  • Play a game of frozen tag or hide and seek to help excited pirates burn off some steam.
  • Let guests decorate cupcakes using foil-wrapped chocolate coins, and white and black icing to make skulls.

Fab Party Favors

  • Toy skulls, and pirate themed trinkets
  • Foil-wrapped chocolate coins, for a sweet treat
  • Bandanas, to wear as pirate headgear
  • Pirate temporary tattoos
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