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How to Make a Circus Party

How to Make a Circus Party

Merry-Go-Round Cake
A circus themed party is sure to please! Choose from our cakes, activities, and decorating ideas.

7 Great Ways to Decorate

  1. Invitations sent to guests can contain a ticket - have guests bring the ticket to the front door 'admission booth'.
  2. Nothing says carnival better than brightly colored balloons - placed all around the party area.
  3. For a warm-weather party, balloons can be hung outside, and the party games can be played outdoors.
  4. Hang colorful streamers from the center of the ceiling to the corners of the room for a fun, big top atmosphere.
  5. Purchase striped (red and white, preferably) paper plates, cups and napkins at a party store.
  6. Have bags of popcorn in small brightly colored bags for guests to snack on.
  7. Buy a paper tablecloth (or use a long length of Kraft paper) and let the kids decorate it themselves!

Fun For All

  • Old fashioned games such as bobbing for apples, tag and hide-and-go-seek can be fun for a carnival-themed party.
  • Rent a cotton-candy machine and make fresh cotton candy for the guests.
  • 'Pin the nose on the clown' can be played by having guests stick a red-colored clown-nose sticker on a large, painted clown face.
  • An adult dressed as a clown can paint the children faces as the children wish.
  • Have a mobile petting zoo visit the party, younger children will love to pet the animals.

Fab Party Favors

  • Assorted clown and animal stickers.
  • Balls, and other simple small toys.
  • Balloons for guests to inflate at home.
  • Gumballs and lollipops and candy apples - old fashioned treats.
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