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10 Deliciously Easy After-school Snacks with PHILADELPHIA

10 Deliciously Easy After-school Snacks with PHILADELPHIA

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Welcome a new school year with a fresh batch of easy-to-prepare after-school snacks. These 10 tasty ideas, made with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, are sure to please snack-lovers big and small. Happy snacking!

1. Cucumber Turkey Snacks

Cucumber Turkey Snacks

Four ingredients. Four food groups. Talk about a well-rounded snack. These bites of deliciousness are so easy, even a preschooler could help you assemble them.

2. Blueberry Apple Crunch Crackers

Blueberry Apple Crunch Crackers

A little sweet, and a little salty. Buttery crackers topped with PHILADELPHIA Blueberry Cream Cheese Spread and a little crunch are an irresistible combo.

3. Mini Strawberry Pretzel Jars

Mini Strawberry Pretzel Jars

Looking for a sweet way to welcome your kids home? Pretzels, creamy filling and a sweet strawberry topping are probably the answer.

4. BLT Rollers

BLT Rollers

Have you ever met a BLT you didn’t like? Correction: Have you ever met a BLT you didn’t love? Give this rolled up version a try – plus it’s perfect for little hands.

5. Strawberry Trail Mix Snack

Strawberry Trail Mix Snack

You can practically whip up these easy, after-school snacks faster than they can say ‘snack, please.’

6. Easy Turkey Tortilla Roll Ups

Easy Turkey Tortilla Roll Ups

Made with PHILADELPHIA Chive and Onion Cream Cheese, these rolls are the perfect pre-game snack. Plus, they are easy to eat on-the-go.

7. Fresh Apple Crisp Rounds

Fresh Apple Crisp Rounds

Think apple crisp needs to be baked? Think again. Fresh, crispy apples are the perfect complement to PHILADELPHIA Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread and a crunchy granola topping.

8. Ham Pinwheels

Ham Pinwheels

Roll it up! Filled with cream cheese and herbs, these are easy, peasy snacks that are totally kid-approved.

9. Mini Fruit Pizza

Mini Fruit Pizza

Celebrate the first day of school, or any extra special day with these pizzas that use chocolate chip cookies as the base.

10. Yummy Stuffed Bears

Yummy Stuffed Bears

It isn’t just the kids who will find these adorable treats ‘beary’ hard to resist. Enjoy and happy snacking.

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