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How to Cook with Apples
How to Cook with Apples

How to Cook with Apples

What a satisfying crunch a crisp apple makes when you bite into it. But you’ve got to pick the right apple to experience it. A Rome Beauty? Not so crunchy. A Honeycrisp, Fuji or a Pink Lady? Crunch to the max. If you find choosing the right apple perplexing, we can help with our apple guide. Making apple pie and need the perfect apple pie recipe? Looking for help making applesauce? We’ve got apple info for you. Want to get out in the sun and pick your own apples? Find a local orchard, fill a few bushels and get your apple recipes so you can create something amazing.

Tips on Purchasing and Preparing Apples

  • Select firm apples with unbroken, well-colored skins and no bruises. Brown streaks on the skins (called scald) do not affect quality.
  • Apples will keep in a cool, dry place for up to 1 week. For longer storage, refrigerate in a plastic bag for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Select types of apples based on how they will be used: raw (for eating out of hand and adding to salads); cooked (for applesauce, pies and other desserts); or baked whole.
  • All-purpose apples can be used for both eating raw and cooking. Varieties include: Braeburn, Cortland, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan and McIntosh.
  • Red Delicious apples are strictly for eating raw and Rome Beauty apples are best for baking whole.
  • Wash apples just before using. They may be eaten peeled or unpeeled.
  • To core apples, quarter them lengthwise and use a paring knife to carefully remove the seeds and core.
  • Prevent cut apples from turning brown by dipping them in a small amount of lemon or other citrus juice. If adding apples to a salad, the acid in the salad dressing also prevents them from browning.

How to Bake Whole Apples

  • When baking whole apples, remove a 1/2-inch-wide horizontal strip of peel from around the center of each apple. This prevents the skin from cracking by allowing the steam to escape during baking. If stuffing the baked apple, remove the core with an apple corer.
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