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Cooking for Two
Cooking for Two

Cooking for Two

Finding recipes to serve 4 to 6 is never a problem—in fact, family-pleasing dishes are our specialty at! Recipes for a crowd are easy, too, thanks to casseroles, chilies and the like. But cooking for two? That used to require a little searching. Our tips for cooking for two can help you plan your meals wisely—and we have an entire section devoted solely to recipes for two. (No leftovers!) Now, if you’re thinking about a special day in February, that’s a different thing. Head over to our Valentine’s Day menus—or Valentine’s Day-themed desserts—but keep in mind they may serve more than two.

Cooking for Two: Eat Now, Freeze for Later

One of the easiest ways to cook for two is to simply prepare a full-size recipe, then serve half now and freeze the other for another time. You either can freeze the dish fully cooked (after it’s cooled to room temperature), or prepare up to the point of cooking and freeze the uncooked portion. Be sure to use good-quality, resealable freezer-weight plastic bags, and check out these food safety tips for leftovers on how to safely store, thaw and serve.

Cooking for Two: Classic Dishes

Some dishes are just naturally easier to prepare in small batches—like salads, stir-fries and sandwiches—with the added bonus that they can help you use leftovers from the week’s earlier larger-scale recipes, as you can see in The Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich video. You’ll also do well with smaller, quick-cooking cuts in pork chops recipes and recipes for chicken breasts. Try Sirloin Stir-Fry for Two and Parmesan, Chicken & Broccoli Pasta for Two for a couple of tasty examples! Refer to this pasta-measuring chart to cook just the right amount for two no matter what recipe you’re making.

Grocery Shopping for Two

The freezer section and the produce aisle have plenty to offer as well, whether you’re getting fruit after being inspired by this Mixed Berry Smoothie or picking up a single sweet potato to use as you’ve seen in this awesome Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie video. (Another bonus of cooking for two: faster cooking times! Made in ramekins, these little pies are ready in just 30 minutes.)

Treats for Two

Baking for two isn’t impossible. Take, for example, these luscious Chocolate Soufflés for Two. However, generally speaking you may find freezing baked goods is easier than trying to find elusive “for-two” baking recipes. We highly recommend these scrumptious PHILADELPHIA Chocolate Cheesecakes for Two—which happen to be no-bake yummies. Otherwise, your best bets are easily scaled-down versions of desserts like tiramisu and other layered desserts, many of which you’ll find tucked into our “for-two” recipe collection.

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