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How to Pack a Picnic
How to Pack a Picnic

How to Pack a Picnic

Summertime is picnic time, so picnic recipes are always welcome! And while it might seem like there’s nothing to it, how to pack a picnic depends on a few factors. Location, how long you’re planning to stay and the occasion are all determining factors when it comes to picking your picnic menu. Sometimes a picnic is just a bag of sandwiches, but you’ll love our wide variety of sandwich recipes that will provide a little extra inspiration. When planning a real summer cookout, you might want to consider making a classic potato salad or pasta salad and other popular sides. Once the sides are decided however, you’re going to need some main dish ideas. Consider hot dogs or our delicious summer BBQ recipes to get the juices flowing. Keep it fun from beginning to end and safe, too. Refer to our food safety article for the best advice on how to pack a picnic safely.

Picnic Food Tips

  • Pack plenty of extra beverages like water, Kool-Aid and Crystal Light On-the-Go Sticks in a cooler to help satisfy thirst.
  • Pack some sweet treats. Try fresh fruit, such as melon and berries, or frozen Jell-O Pudding Cups as an alternative to ice cream.
  • Keep your prepared foods in the fridge until it's time to pack them up.
  • To be sure you’re doing everything right to keep your food safe, follow our food safety tips above for serving food at outdoor celebrations.

Picnic Fun

  • Don't forget to bring some items that will help get you moving. Consider packing a Frisbee, a couple of mitts and a baseball, a soccer ball or a football. If you live fairly close to the park, take your bikes, walk or rollerblade.
  • Pack sunscreen! Even if it's overcast or you're lying in the shade, wearing sunscreen is always a good idea.

We hope these tips on how to pack a picnic will come in handy regardless of the season you’re venturing to or planning one! Check out these and other great recipe ideas, like our diverse mix of barbecue recipes, for more inspiration.

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