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Burger Grilling Basics
Burger Grilling Basics

Burger Grilling Basics

Learn how to grill a burger like a pro! Watch this cooking video to get all the burger grilling basics you need.

Burger Grilling Basics

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure your meat is very cold before seasoning and forming burger patties
  • Add chopped onion, garlic, ranch powder or whatever herbs and spices you have on hand
  • Avoid overmixing ground burger meat mix to prevent tough burgers
  • One pound of ground meat makes four burger patties
  • Form patties ahead of time and store in the freezer in a plastic freezer bag in-between wax paper sheets for easy cooking
  • Get creative by using different toppings, cheeses and buns


FORM burger patties with cold ground beef, turkey, chicken or pork.

USE a ½ cup measuring cup to measure out four equal patties.

PRESS the ½ cup of meat into a patty form until just held together, avoiding over-working them.

PLACE your burgers on a preheated grill set on medium.

GRILL for 4 – 6 minutes per side, or until the internal temperature of your burgers has reached 160°F.

FLIP the patties once and avoid pressing them down on the grill with your spatula.

BRUSH your burgers with ¼ cup of KRAFT barbecue sauce for extra flavor. For cheeseburgers, top with KRAFT singles and continue grilling until the cheese begins to melt

REMOVE your burgers from the grill and serve on hamburger buns alongside toppings like lettuce, bacon, onion, KRAFT barbecue sauce or A.1. Original Sauce.

Knowing your burger grilling basics is important, but the most essential barbequing tip is to have fun! Check out our wide variety of burger recipes like Caesar Burgers, All-American BBQ-Bacon Cheeseburgers, BBQ-Buffalo Chicken Burgers, Cowgirl Turkey Burgers and Tzatziki Lamb Burgers.



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