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Pasta Measuring Chart
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Pasta Measuring Chart

Ever wonder how much cooked pasta you'll get when cooking your dry pasta? Use the Pasta Measuring Chart below to determine how much dry pasta to start with and to see the final volume of the cooked pasta. This handy chart can help you with meal planning and meal prep! We've got conversions in this Pasta Measuring Chart for both long pastas, like spaghetti, and short pastas, like macaroni.

Note: The Pasta Measuring Chart below is based on four servings (2 oz. each) for a total of 8 oz.

Long PastasUncookedCooked
Bucatini8 oz.4 1/2 cups
Cappellini8 oz.3 3/4 cups
Fettuccine8 oz.4 cups
Linguine8 oz.3 3/4 cups
Pappardelle8 oz.4 cups
Spaghetti8 oz.3 1/2 cups
Spaghettini8 oz.3 1/2 cups
Tagliatelle8 oz.4 cups
Vermicelli8 oz.3 1/2 cups

Short PastasUncookedCooked
Cavatelli8 oz.4 cups
Farfalle8 oz.4 1/3 cups
Fusilli8 oz.4 1/2 cups
Macaroni8 oz.4 cups
Medium Shells8 oz.3 2/3 cups
Orecchiette8 oz.3 1/3 cups
Orzo8 oz.3 1/2 cups
Penne8 oz.4 cups
Rigatoni8 oz.4 1/4 cups
Rotelle8 oz.3 1/2 cups
Ziti8 oz.5 cups

Enjoy these great pasta recipes!

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