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Pasta: Do's and Don'ts
Pasta: Do's and Don'ts

Pasta: Do's and Don'ts

Follow these tips for the perfect pasta every time!

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do use lots of water. The ideal amount is 4 to 6 qt. per lb. of pasta. This allows the pasta enough room to cook without sticking together.
  • Don't add oil. If you have enough water, you won't need to add oil to prevent sticking.
  • Do add salt for flavor but not too much; remember that your sauce will also add flavor.
  • Do stir pasta when you first add it to the water to prevent it from sticking together and to the bottom of the pot.
  • Don't throw noodles against the wall. Instead, use the cooking time on the package as a guide, then try a piece to see if it's the right texture. Italians like their pasta "al dente" (a little chewy), but you might like it softer.
  • Don't rinse cooked pasta; you'll rinse away the starch, which actually helps the sauce stick. Only rinse pasta if it will be used cold, as in a salad.
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