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Celebrate with Friendsgiving Ideas & Dishes
Celebrate with Friendsgiving Ideas & Dishes

Celebrate with Friendsgiving Ideas & Dishes

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Friendsgiving is a great opportunity to gather together and celebrate the season. You might celebrate Friendsgiving in addition to your family's traditional Thanksgiving dinner, or you might feast with friends instead of family – either way, it’s a great time to enjoy wonderful company and a delicious meal! Brush up on how to cook a turkey and explore our tips on how to host Friendsgiving. Whether you're the host or a guest, we have some Friendsgiving ideas to help you host or prepare for a fun and stress-free Friendsgiving this year.

You might feel intimidated by the idea of hosting or making Friendsgiving dishes – especially if you're already stressed about regular Thanksgiving travel, gatherings and meal prep. But you don't have to worry: Friendsgiving should be a casual dinner party where everyone pitches in to help bring a meal together. Check out our Friendsgiving ideas and see what might work for you:

Thanksgiving Turkey

Friendsgiving ideas for planning & hosting a great dinner:

  • Try to plan Friendsgiving early in the month, so that everyone has time to prepare and isn't worn out by other holiday gatherings and travel.
  • Make it a potluck: the host only has to make the main dish, everyone else brings a side (although if gravy is on the menu, the host should make it as well – that's pretty tough to do without the bird).
    • Ask people to sign up for a dish, or assign them an option like Vegetable, Bread, Dessert or Beverage. You don't want to end up with three apple pies and no potatoes.
    • Tell everyone how much to bring: while most sides will make enough for everyone to have some (depending on the size of your guest list), you'll want to have about one beverage per guest.
  • Ask the people what they want! Create a poll (Facebook makes it easy), and ask your friends if they want the typical turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, etc., or if they'd rather get adventurous. Who wants ham instead of turkey? Does someone want to bring their famous pierogis? Friendsgiving is a great opportunity to experiment (and, you won't be tired of the traditional Thanksgiving fare before you get to it).
  • If you're the host, check that you have enough plates, glasses and silverware for your guests. Hey, we've all been in that first post-graduation, apartment with mismatched silverware and only four nice glasses – no judgment! Even if you've been in your "grown-up" place for a while, it can be easy to forget that you only have place settings for 10,
    not 12.
  • Make sure you have ice.
  • Make a playlist!
  • Decorate! If you can. And you have the energy. If all you can manage is some flowers in the middle of the table, we call that a win. Friendsgiving doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be fun and tasty.

Friendsgiving dishes to try:

Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Menu


Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Side Dishes:

Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving Desserts


Whether your Friendsgiving is a special gathering of just your friends, or your Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving are one in the same, you can plan a fantastic meal with some of your favorite people. Call on your squad to help organize a Friendsgiving menu, or plan your own unique mix of dishes and desserts to share. Give thanks for friendship this season!

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