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Your Top Holiday Dilemmas—Solved!

Your Top Holiday Dilemmas—Solved!

Tracy Sherva, Kraft Kitchens expert, helps you stress less and enjoy holiday food and celebrations more.

I like to take along a hostess gift when I go to a party. Any ideas?
Better-for-you food gifts are always in good taste, and they’re easy to assemble. Simply line a basket with a holiday-themed cloth napkin, then stock it with the ingredients needed to make one of your favorite My Food and Family. (Remember to include the recipe, too!) Or make a healthy take-along appetizer, such as Vidalia Onion Dip, and transfer it to a brand-new crockery pie plate or casserole before transporting it to the party: Let the hostess know that the dish is hers to keep.

What can I feed to “drop-in” guests?
The holidays go hand in hand with unexpected guests, so stock up today on the ingredients you’ll need to make a few last-minute dishes. For instance, woven wheat crackers, KRAFT 2% Milk Cheddar Cheese, fresh pears, and GREY POUPON mustard are all you need to make Sweet Dijon Cheddar & Pear Snacks. For Cinnamon Lattes, you’ll need MAXWELL HOUSE Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, COOL WHIP Sugar Free Whipped Topping, and a few other staples. For a quick meal, keep boneless, skinless chicken breasts on hand. Add canned tomatoes, KRAFT Dressing, seasonings, and red onion, and you’ve got Easy Tomato Baked Chicken.

I’m invited to a holiday party. How can I make sure there is something I can eat?
Remember that no particular foods are off-limits as long as you work them into your smart-eating plan. But if you want to stick with better-for-you choices, take a few minutes to browse this website for a few quick and easy “bring-alongs.” By supplying your own dish, you’ll know how it fits into your eating plan. Some ideas: For an early afternoon party, take Easy Brunch Bake, which adds STOVE TOP Stuffing to classic omelet ingredients. For hors d’oeuvres, try our Festive Cranberry-Chicken Topper —a blend of chicken and cranberries atop woven wheat crackers. If you love dessert, take along one of those, too, like JELL-O Black Cherry Poke Cake or Chocolate Dunk Cookies.

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