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Winning Snacks for Game Day

Score points for your health with smart treats perfect for sharing. Here’s the delicious game plan.

Got friends coming over for game day? Having the home-team advantage means you can serve (and eat) better-for-you snacks. A winning plan: Look for recipes that use reduced fat cheeses, sugar free products, and fruits and vegetables. But even if someone else is hosting, you can enjoy the spread and still stay on track with a few smart strategies. The first: Always remember to keep portions in control. Then…

If You’re Hosting…

Say “Cheese!”

Make guests smile with easy Apple-Cheddar Stackers, made with reduced-fat wheat crackers, sliced apple, and KRAFT 2% Milk Cheddar Cheese. Another cheesy idea: woven wheat crackers with chunky salsa and melted reduced-fat Cheddar.

Make Trades

Instead of the usual nachos and dip, serve reduced-fat wheat crackers with Zesty Hot Broccoli Dip. Another smart swap: Replace shrimp or cocktail wieners wrapped in bacon with melon balls (honeydew or cantaloupe) or pineapple chunks wrapped in cooked OSCAR MAYER Turkey Bacon.

Try the Layered Look

Parfaits seem decadent, but they can be good choices when you select better-for-you ingredients. Try Low-Fat Chocolate-Banana Parfaits. These creamy treats sneak fresh banana slices between layers of JELL-O Chocolate Fat Free Sugar Free Instant Pudding and Cool Whip Sugar Free Whipped Topping. You can serve parfaits ready-made, or set out bowls of fat free, sugar free puddings, fruits, and Cool Whip Sugar Free as a “parfait bar” so folks can make their own.

If You’re a Guest…

Enjoy a pre-game snack. You’ll be less likely to overeat. Try a salad or raw veggies with KRAFT Light Ranch Reduced Fat Dressing. A serving of fruit is another good choice.

Make a Game Plan

Before you go, decide what you’ll eat and drink—and how much. Also rehearse saying “No thank you, I’ve had enough.”

Bring Reinforcements

Make sure there’s a better-for-you snack available: Take along a can of PLANTERS Light Salted Mixed Nuts or a tray of 2% Milk reduced fat cheese and reduced-fat wheat crackers. If you love fried mozzarella sticks, try Baked Mozzarella Bites.

Either Way…

Choose from Two Teams

When snacking, choose a serving of food from two different food groups (including one that has some protein, such as dairy, nuts, or lean meat). Some good combos: fruit and light yogurt (with low calorie sweeteners), cheese and crackers, apples and peanut butter, or raw veggies and string cheese.

Keep your Eye on the Ball

Even if football isn’t your thing, station yourself by the TV instead of the buffet table. Focusing on people and activities may help prevent overeating.

Play by the Rules

Make sure to follow the dietary guidelines that your doctor or other diabetes healthcare provider has given you. Only drink alcohol if your physician has okayed it—and be sure you know how to adjust your insulin or medication if necessary. Keep in mind recommendations for number of drinks and serving sizes. And don’t drink on an empty stomach.

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