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What Does Living With Diabetes Taste Like?

What Does Living With Diabetes Taste Like?

Here’s a glimpse at how delicious dining with diabetes can be. Hint: It can include pasta, potatoes, bread, and even desserts!

As you may have heard, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Though more people today understand the importance of getting tested for diabetes, many still don’t quite “get” what people with diabetes are able to eat once they’ve been diagnosed. It’s natural to have questions about this if you’re newly diagnosed. In fact, even people who have had diabetes for a while may find that friends and family members try to act as the “food police,” telling them what to eat—and (more annoyingly) what not to.

Here’s the great news: No food is totally off-limits for people with diabetes. You can even enjoy dessert, as long as you work it into your day’s meal plan. (If you don’t have a meal plan, meet with a certified diabetes educator or registered dietitian to develop one that meets your individual needs.) The keys to living well with diabetes are finding better-for-you versions of your favorite foods and learning how much of them you can eat.

That may sound really difficult—and it could be, if you tried to go it alone. Luckily, thanks to Good Eating, Good Living, you don’t have to. Kraft created this website with you in mind. That includes hundreds of great recipes for a wide variety of delicious foods and helpful tips to make better-for-you choices easier.

Today, thanks to Good Eating, Good Living, living with diabetes tastes delicious. It tastes like Cranberry Nut Bread at the breakfast table and a Panini Florentine sandwich at lunchtime. It tastes like Better Than Ever Cheesy Meat Lasagna or steak and Cheesy Smashed Potatoes for dinner. It tastes like a mug of Orange Mulled Cider sipped by a roaring fire, and Chocolate Dunk Cookies or Grasshopper Pudding Pie for dessert. In short, living with diabetes tastes the way you want it to taste!

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