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Try Meatless Mondays


Could you go meatless one day a week? Let these easy and delicious dishes convince you to give it a try.

Looking for a simple way to cut back on fat and boost your fiber intake? Make one of your weekly meals a “meatless” one. Vegetarian protein sources like legumes and soy foods are lower in fat than animal proteins like beef, pork, and poultry. What’s more, vegetable proteins don’t contain any cholesterol or saturated fat, and they are higher in fiber than animal proteins. (Just be sure to keep all the ingredients in the dish smart and the preparation method better-for-you—it’s easy to ruin a good thing by adding fatty extras or frying in oil.) Another perk of meatless dishes: They’re often quicker to prepare, since meats typically take longer to cook than veggies do. Here are a few tips for making it work for you.

Start Simple

One of the best ways to adopt a healthy habit like this one is to make it easy. That’s why “Meatless Mondays” work well for many people. Simply pick a meatless recipe from this website, and add the ingredients to your shopping list. That way, you’ll have everything you need when Monday rolls around.

Enjoy Family-Friendly Pasta

Worried that your spouse or family won’t share your enthusiasm for Meatless Mondays? They won’t even notice the meat’s missing when you serve them our Tuscan Vegetable Baked Ziti. Remember to use reduced fat cheese to control the fat content.

Make Over Meat Favorites

BOCA products—with nutritious soy—make it easy to make over your favorite meat-based recipes. For instance, our BOCA Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer uses BOCA Ground Beef Crumbles (made with soy protein) instead of beef or sausage for the filling. According to reviews from cooks like you, even finicky eaters say that our BBQ “Meatloaf” Bake looks and tastes like the real deal. And our BOCA Sausage Skillet works as either a breakfast or a “breakfast supper” dish.


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