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Secret Ingredients to Have on Hand
Secret Ingredients to Have on Hand

Secret Ingredients to Have on Hand

Want to make your spaghetti sauce, pot roast, and banana bread better than ever? Try these surprising secret ingredients!

Getting creative in the kitchen is a great way to really enjoy better-for-you cooking. If you’re not adventuresome enough to try adding your own secret ingredients, try some of these favorites from the Kraft Kitchens.

Reduced Fat Cream Cheese

You can make a smart white sauce with Neufchâtel cheese and fat free reduced sodium chicken broth—just follow our Creamy Pasta Primavera recipe. Or you can add reduced fat cream cheese to tomato sauce—it makes the sauce just a little thicker, so it clings to noodles nicely. Our Spaghetti with Zesty Bolognese recipe uses PHILADELPHIA 1/3 Less Fat Than Cream Cheese. It also includes a second secret ingredient: KRAFT Light Zesty Italian Dressing. This condiment is a real time-saver: It contains the Italian herbs and spices you want in your sauce, all in one bottle.

Maxwell House Coffee

You can use it to simmer the meat for Pot Roast and Vegetables or Easy Pork Mole. Make a little extra, and savor a cup while your dinner cooks.

Miracle Whip Dressing

Use it in our Easy Banana Bread recipe for a moist finished product. You can also use about 1/2 cup of Miracle Whip Light Dressing instead of butter for the same moistening effect in mashed potatoes (for 2 pounds of potatoes).

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