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Your Fantastic Family Reunion

Your Fantastic Family Reunion


Need help choosing a theme, planning the menu, and more? We’ve got hints to help you have a great gathering you’ll all remember.

Whether you’re rounding up folks from out of state or planning an intimate dinner with siblings, a family reunion is a great time for sharing fun and food. Here are some hints for making the details go smoothly so you can enjoy the day.

Create a Delicious Menu

Check out this website for great recipes to serve at your own party (like Frosty Tropical Pops) or take along to someone else’s (like Garden Vegetable Herb Dip). The best part: They’re all better-for-you choices designed to tempt even the pickiest of eaters!

Have Fun with a Theme

Luau or backyard Olympics? A theme can help with food and decoration choices. Planning a fiesta? Try our Mexican Layered Dip for starters. Family hail from Italia? Bring some Italian Green Beans.

Know your Choices

For potluck dinners, take along a dish you know you can enjoy—try Farmers’ Market Pasta Salad or Low-Fat Raspberry Summer Sensation (check out the video to help you prepare with ease). For restaurants or catered events, call ahead or go on the restaurant’s website to check the menu.

Stay on Track

Don’t skip or delay meals. If you’re the host, set up a buffet—you won’t have serving dishes in front of you, tempting you with seconds. And when done eating, keep your dirty plate visible: It may remind you that you’ve already had your fill. One exception: Leave a cold pitcher of Strawberry Lemonade or CRYSTAL LIGHT Green Tea Peach Mango Drink Mix close at hand.

Share more than Food

Ask guests to share photos and stories. Suggest a talent show. Go for a group walk or get together a family game of Wiffle ball. (Check your blood glucose before and after exercise.) And open up about your diabetes: You might spur others to take charge of their health, too.

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