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Pack your Good Eating


You might wish you could take a vacation from diabetes, but don’t try it. You’ll enjoy your summer travels much more if you’re feeling great, sleeping well, and keeping your blood glucose on an even keel. And to do that, you’ll need to stick to your healthy eating plan wherever you go. Here are ways to do just that.

Take Along a picnic This is a great idea for people with diabetes, since it’s important to eat on a regular schedule—a tough thing to do if there’s no restaurant around when you need one. Just pack food in a cooler to keep everything at a safe temperature.

Seek out Menus If you do plan on dining at a particular restaurant during your trip, check their website ahead of time and figure out some good options. Many websites offer nutrition information that can help.

Create your own Minibar Staying somewhere overnight? Make sure you have breakfast each morning to help with overall blood glucose control. And don’t forget about your daily snack. Ask the hotel to empty the minibar and fridge so you can stock them yourself. Include fresh fruits and veggies, JELL-O Sugar Free Pudding Snacks or Gelatin Snacks, nuts, fat-free yogurt, and the ingredients for a smart breakfast like Creamy Berry Crunch Parfait.

Don’t Focus on Food Alone Instead, focus on all the wonderful sights, sounds, and people you encounter. Keep a log (or a blog) of the fun you’re having. And when you do decide to sample the local cuisine, look for dishes that are full of flavor and fit with your healthy eating goals. Just make sure to test your blood glucose regularly, since unfamiliar foods may have unfamiliar effects.

Remember to Stay Well Hydrated That’s important even if you’re just spending a day at a local park. Sip on some water throughout the day or jazz up a bottle of water with Crystal Light On The Go Drink Mix. Summertime fun—and traveling in particular—can deplete your fluids, so drink up as you take it all in!

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