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Don’t Save Turkey for Just Thanksgiving

Don’t Save Turkey for Just Thanksgiving

Turkey can be a delicious and lean choice any day of the year. Here are ways to enjoy the bird beyond the holiday—and with less time and effort required.

Roasting a big turkey requires a real time commitment and a lot of hungry mouths to feed. That’s probably why we don’t do this very often. Luckily, there are plenty of prepared turkey products and simply delicious recipes that make it easy to enjoy lean turkey meat year-round.

Go for ground. Our Turkey and Vegetable Tostadas begin with browned ground turkey breast instead of ground beef. Simply simmer it with tomatoes, zucchini, and taco seasoning, toss the whole thing atop a crisp-baked tortilla (with other classic Mexican toppings), and you’ve got a quick, delicious entrée.

Start with sliced. Some recipes that call for sliced cooked turkey breast taste just as good when made with OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh turkey breast. Our Mini Turkey-Cranberry Melts are a perfect example.

Roast a smaller portion. If you get a craving for a Thanksgiving-style dinner, make a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. If you wind up with leftovers, that’s great: Use them in Easy Turkey Pot Pie, Easy Turkey Chili, or a Turkey Waldorf Salad. The pot pie takes about 40 minutes, the chili 30, and the salad a mere 5.

Bring home the turkey bacon. This food may not taste like roast turkey, but it’s the perfect substitute for regular bacon in classics like BLTs and omelets. You can also use it in recipes like our Morning Burrito, which is made lower in fat by trading bacon and eggs for OSCAR MAYER Turkey Bacon and egg whites.

Trade chicken for it. You can also use turkey in many recipes that call for chicken, such as Panini Florentine. Just use turkey cutlets instead of the chicken breast, if you like.

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