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Try It: Couples Fitness

Try It: Couples Fitness

Exercising as a team can help you stay motivated—provided that you choose the right sport and remember to have fun. Here’s where to start.

Sure, most team sports come with their own mascot and uniforms, but you don’t need all those bells and whistles to reap the benefits of team workouts. Just agreeing to exercise with your spouse or partner can be enough to keep you motivated to exercise regularly. You can encourage one another and pull one another out of bed on cold mornings. Try these tips to boost your motivation to move, together. (Of course, get your doctor’s okay before starting any new type of workout.)

Choose an activity you both enjoy. Or at least choose one that you’re both willing to try. Six activities that are especially couple-friendly: Walking and/or running, hiking, cycling, yoga, aerobic classes (such as spinning), and dancing (ballroom, hip-hop, Latin, or whatever you like).

Come up with a game plan. Decide how many minutes you will exercise and exactly when you’ll do it (say, before breakfast or after you get home from work). Discuss expectations and set small achievable goals, such as losing five pounds in 60 days. Then, monitor your progress together.

Level the playing field. Even if you and your partner are at different fitness levels, don’t abandon the idea of exercising together. Focus on your own goals and improvements, not who is faster or stronger.

Keep things interesting. Exercise isn’t a job, so have fun. Varying your workouts and trying new ones will keep you motivated. And whether it is to improve your health or performance, or to complete a 5k, have something to work toward—it keeps things much more interesting.

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