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Start A Postworkout Ritual

What do you do after you exercise? If the answer is, “Head for the couch,” hold on a minute! Just as your body needs a little time to get warmed up before workouts, it needs a little time to cool down, too. Plus, creating a soothing postworkout ritual will give you something to look forward to. Here are a few ideas to adopt.

Enjoy your favorite flavor of CRYSTAL LIGHT Pure Fitness. CRYSTAL LIGHT Pure Fitness is a naturally sweetened, low calorie fitness drink that contains electrolytes to help aid hydration* (which is good for the body). And every sip is full of refreshing flavor (which is good for the soul).

Get out your blood glucose meter. Exercising burns fuel, which may affect your blood glucose level. Check with your doctor about where your levels should be after a workout.

Stretch your muscles. A healthy stretching routine can help improve your flexibility and help prevent injuries. Be careful not to bounce when you stretch: That can actually cause injuries. Instead, sink into your stretches slowly.

Put up your feet. Ready to take off your shoes and socks? This is a good time to give your feet a check. Use a mirror if you can’t see the bottoms or between the toes. People with nerve damage due to diabetes may not feel blisters or cuts on their feet, so they can develop dangerous infections. If you spot any problems, call your doctor or podiatrist.

Let a shower pat you on the back. Enjoy a warm (not hot) shower, using your favorite soothing scent of shower gel. As you rinse off, think about your workout—from what you heard (a train whistle, a favorite song), to how you felt (strong, happy). It’s feel-good moments like these that will help keep you motivated to lace up your shoes and do the whole thing again.

*When you consume one packet during light physical activity

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