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My Plate Servings

How Many MyPlate Servings Are Right For Me?

Here are the recommended amounts of foods per day for each group, based on examples of the number of calories you or family members consume:

1600 Calories2000 Calories2400 Calories
5 oz
6 oz
8 oz
2 cups
2.5 cups
3 cups
1.5 cups
2 cups
2 cups
3 cups
3 cups
3 cups
5 oz
5.5 oz
6.5 oz
5 tsp
6 tsp
7 tsp
Empty Calories
120 calories
260 calories
330 calories

* Many Americans consume foods and beverages with calories from solid fats and added sugars. Foods such as soda, baked goods, ice cream, and candies provide calories but few nutrients. The goal is to limit the amount of such calories consumed each day. The amount for empty calories listed above is based on estimated calorie needs by age/gender. Individuals who are physically active may have increased calorie needs and, thus, have a larger limit for empty calories.

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