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Snack Food Safety

Back-to-school for the kids means back-to-the-snack routine. As you ease back into the kids' school schedule, keep in mind these snack food safety tips for at-school munchies and afternoon nibbles.

when making snacks, treats or lunches

Keep food preparation areas in the kitchen clean. Wash countertops, cutting boards, utensils and your hands in hot, soapy water.

after-school snacks

When whipping up an after-school snack, immediately return unused portions of perishable foods—such as cheese, milk and juice—to the refrigerator. If your kids are making their own snacks, supervise them when using the microwave, stove or conventional oven. And when the kids are going along on after-school errands, choose non-perishable foods—such as fruit, crackers, cereal or cookies. Should you need to transport cold snacks, use insulated containers and ice packs to keep cold foods cold.

classroom treats

  • When making snacks for your child's classmates, choose nonperishable items to be sure the food is safe to eat, no matter when it is served.
  • Make sure homemade snacks do not contain raw eggs and baked goods are thoroughly cooked. Young children can be susceptible to salmonella bacteria that are often present in raw eggs.

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