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Food Safety Tips For Leftovers

Food Safety Tips For Leftovers

Got leftovers? Great! Just be sure you’re aware of these food safety tips for leftovers. Whether it’s the terrific chili your friend sent you home with after the football party or pumpkin cheesecake from your favorite restaurant, proper storage and re-heating is key. For example, as convenient as slow-cooker recipes are, you should never use the appliance for leftovers! For more info, check out our Top 10 Safety Rules for Kids.

  • Refrigerate or freeze leftovers within two hours.
  • Cool leftovers quickly. Before refrigerating or freezing, slice large cuts of meat and store in serving-size packets. Use small containers to store stews and chilis.
  • Label leftovers with the date.
  • Check the refrigerator once a week and discard old leftovers. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Reheat leftovers until piping hot all the way through.
  • To ensure even reheating in a microwave oven:
    • Cover food with a vented covering.
    • Rotate food halfway through cooking time.
    • Stir food halfway through cooking time (even if oven has turntable).
    • Stir food again after cooking is completed.
    • Allow food to stand for five minutes after cooking.
  • Never reheat leftovers in a slow-cooker. The gradual heating promotes bacterial growth.


















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