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How to Throw a 4th of July Cookout

How to Throw a 4th of July Cookout

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If you’re planning to host a 4th of July cookout this year, My Food and Family is here to help. In this article, you’ll find a variety of tips and menu ideas for your cookout. Starting with appetizers and ending with your just desserts, find delicious recipes for the 4th of July which your family and friends will love. There’s no better way to commemorate the red, white and blue than with these tasty dishes! Read on to find out how throw an epic 4th of July cookout.

4th of July Cookout: Appetizers

Appetizers may not receive as much attention as the main course, but they are nonetheless just as important. Think of it this way: if your 4th of July cookout was a show, the appetizers would be the opening act. There are plenty of delicious appetizer options to explore. However, if you’re unsure of where to begin, it may help to consider the following questions:

  • Is your cookout kid-friendly or adults-only? This may have a bearing on the type of appetizers you choose to serve.
  • Does anyone attending your cookout have special dietary restrictions? For instance, if some of your invitees are vegetarian, you may want to explore meat-free appetizer options.
  • How many people are attending? If your cookout is big, you’ll want to choose easy appetizers that can serve a large group. For smaller groups, you can choose recipes that are intricate and more time-intensive.

If you want to explore appetizer recipes for your 4th of July cookout, our Summer Party Appetizers collection is an amazing place to start.

4th of July Cookout: Entrees

From brats to burgers to dogs, you can’t go wrong with the cookout classics. Not only are classic cookout recipes relatively quick and easy, but they’re also totally delicious. If you would like to try something new, there are also plenty of fun variations on these classic recipes. Below, we’ve included a few of our favorite cookout entrees, all Uncle Sam approved:

Pair any one of these cookout faves with a scrumptious summer side or salad for an amazing 4th of July spread.

4th of July Cookout: Desserts

Here comes the fun part—dessert! It’s the part of the cookout where you can really let the red, white and blue shine through. When it comes to these desserts, the brighter the better. Fresh summer berries can add color to your 4th of July desserts, as can sprinkles or gelatin. From cakes to cookies to pies, your options for bright and colorful 4th of July desserts are endless. Check out the following pages for some amazing desserts:

We hope that you have a fantastic 4th of July! For more amazing dishes, explore our 4th of July Ideas page.

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