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How to Host a Galentine's Day Brunch

How to Host a Galentine's Day Brunch

Valentine's Day is all about showing love to your significant other. Galentine's Day is similarly focused on love, but the holiday celebrates the love expressed within friendships. To show your appreciation for your best lady friends, try hosting a Galentine's Day brunch this year. Explore these Galentine's Day ideas and frequently asked questions to make your Galentine's Day brunch fun, fabulous and full of love among friends. Have a great Galentine's Day brunch!

What is Galentine's Day?

Galentine's Day is a celebration of friendship and a day for ladies to celebrate other ladies. Galentine's Day brunches and other events focus on the appreciation of the "gals" in your life. Whether your female friend circle is a group of three or thirty-three gals, you can host a wonderful Galentine's Day brunch or other ladies-only event with these Galentine's Day ideas.

How is Galentine's Day Celebrated?

Typically, ladies celebrate Galentine's Day on February 13 (yes, the day before Valentine's Day), but you can host a Galentine's Day brunch on any day that is convenient for you and your gal pals. While having a Galentine's Day brunch is the most popular Galentine's Day festivity, you can also celebrate the holiday by having a dinner party, going on a weekend getaway with your gal friends or spending a day doing some sort of community service together.

What is Served During a Galentine's Day Brunch?

Whether you and your friends want to have a potluck Galentine's Day brunch or want to cook all the Galentine's Day brunch dishes together, this list of brunch recipes might come in handy.

Frittatas and Egg Casseroles

Waffles, French Toast and Pancakes

Smoothies, Lattes and other Beverages

What are Some Other Helpful Galentine's Day Ideas and Tips?

If you want to prepare for the best Galentine's Day brunch celebration, don't forget about the music! Make a playlist of your favorite female anthems to play in the background while you and your friends enjoy your delicious Galentine's Day brunch creations. Some ladies exchange gifts during their Galentine's Day celebration. If you and your friends decide to give each other gifts, get your friends something they would really appreciate, like a feminist book or an edible gift.

Final Galentine's Day Ideas and Thoughts

We hope you have a terrific Galentine's Day brunch with your friends! No matter how you celebrate Galentine's Day this year, spending time with the gals is a great way to maintain your friendship and show your friends that you appreciate them. For more alternative Valentine's Day ideas and recipes, check out our anti-Valentine's Day page. Have fun this Galentine's Day!

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