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How-To Tips: Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

How-To Tips: Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Get recipe: Cheesy Ham Omelet

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to show mom how much you care than by surprising her with breakfast in bed! My Food and Family offers excellent advice on how dads and kids can work together to plan, prepare and serve Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. We’ve got amazing ideas for breakfast dishes and refreshing beverages, along with some helpful serving tips. Make mom a simple dish, or impress her with an elaborate experience—it’s up to you! Read the article below to find out how to make breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.

Planning Your Menu

Sky-High Brunch Bake

Get recipe: Sky-High Brunch Bake

When it comes to Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, deciding on your menu is the first step. If you’re not sure what dishes you should prepare, start by asking yourself what mom likes. If she prefers savory flavors, you may want to explore options for omelets, quiches or breakfast casseroles. In addition, pancakes, French toast and banana bread are some of our other breakfast faves!

Creamy Orange Smoothie

Get recipe: Creamy Orange Smoothie

To make the morning bright and cheery, serve some fresh fruit on the side. Not only is fruit a tasty breakfast addition, but it’s also a colorful one. Bacon and toast are two other delicious breakfast sides. And don’t forget beverages! Is mom a coffee lover? She might enjoy a hot Café Latte. Or, for a cold and sweet beverage, you may want to consider serving her a glass of orange juice or a fruity smoothie.

It’s important to be realistic when planning your menu. If a recipe seems like it may be too tough for dad and the kids to handle, we recommend saving it for a later date.

Preparing Your Food

Preparing Mother’s Day breakfast in bed can be stress-free provided that you plan ahead. If you’re cooking a dish for the first time, practice making it at least once before Mother’s Day. This will help you work through any issues ahead of time so that by Mother’s Day morning you’ll be ready to go! Also, if your dish is going to require a lot of prep, make sure you wake up early enough to give yourself ample time to prepare your dish. That way you won’t feel rushed during the cooking process.

Also, organization is key. Dad can drive to the store the day beforehand to collect the ingredients. Picking up the ingredients in advance will help save you time (and stress!) Mother’s Day morning. And if you’re preparing multiple dishes, it helps to have a game plan for which dish you’re going to make first. Read completely through your recipes, figure out how much time each dish will require and then form your cooking strategy from there.

Serving Your Food

Now it’s time for the fun part: serving your food! A tray is an essential item when it comes to serving breakfast in bed. Along with allowing you to carry several dishes at once, a tray will also help prevent any inconvenient spills should there be any. After plating the food, set the plates on the tray alongside a beverage. Looking for a little decoration? Lay a single flower down on the tray for the perfect finishing touch.

We recommend that dad carries the tray since it might be heavy, while the kids carry the silverware. Walk quietly, and do your best to keep your hands steady as you balance the plates on the tray. Once you’ve made it to her room, it’s time for the surprise! Dad and the kids can wake her up by wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. Carefully help her adjust the tray so that she’s comfortable, and don’t be surprised when you see her smiling from ear to ear!

More Mother’s Day Ideas

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