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Top 10 Pinned Valentine’s Day Recipes to Make You Swoon
Top 10 Pinned Valentine’s Day Recipes to Make You Swoon

Top 10 Pinned Valentine’s Day Recipes to Make You Swoon

Get recipe: Heart Inside Cupcake Surprise

Looking for a romantic recipe to make for your date on Valentine’s Day? Don’t spend hours browsing Pinterest, we already did it for you. Take a look at our most pinned Valentine’s Day recipes for a sweet treat that will please your sweetie. From chocolate to strawberries to steak, we have all the romantic holiday classics covered. Set a table for two, light a candle and prepare one of these delicious Valentine’s Day recipes.

1. Strawberry Dream Squares

Strawberry Dream Squares

Move over chocolate and strawberries. This Strawberry Dream Squares recipe pairs vanilla pudding and frozen strawberries for a dare we say even dreamier combo.

2. Heart Inside Cupcake Surprise

Heart Surprise-Inside Cupcakes

The inside of these chocolate cupcakes contains pink hearts. These Heart Inside Cupcake Surprise are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

3. BAKER’s Chocolate Fondue

BAKER'S Chocolate Fondue

Dipping fruits, cookies, pound cake and pretzels in warm melted chocolate is a sweet way to bond on Valentine’s Day. This BAKER’s Chocolate Fondue recipe is easy-to-make. The fondue gets a lift with coffee and sweetened condensed milk.

4. Smothered Sirloin Steak in Parmesan-Peppercorn Sauce

Smothered Sirloin Steak in Parmesan-Peppercorn Sauce

After you make this Smothered Sirloin Steak in Parmesan-Peppercorn Sauce your sweetheart will smother you with kisses. You can enjoy this steak even more because even covered in a creamy sauce it’s a HEALTHY LIVING recipe.

5. Red Velvet Cookie Balls

Red Velvet Cookie Balls

Red Velvet Cookie Balls are made with cream cheese and crushed cookies then dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with red sprinkles. They are a fun and yummy Valentine’s Day treat for kids and adults.

6. Glazed Chocolate-Sour Cream Cake

Glazed Chocolate-Sour Cream Cake

Enjoy only the most luscious chocolate cake ever with a Glazed Chocolate-Sour Cream Cake. Top it with fresh raspberries and strawberries for a fruity complement to the rich chocolate flavor.

7. Crème Crepes

Cream Crêpes

These Crème Crepes are so delicious you’ll want to eat them in the morning and evening. You’ll love that they’re filled with a lemon-cream cheese blend and topped with strawberry preserves for a simple yet elegant look.

8. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Is there a better classic than Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries to enjoy on Valentine’s Day? This simple recipe uses milk chocolate. They are so juicy and delicious you’ll want to make them year round.

9. Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake

Calling all chocolate lovers! This Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake is all about the chocolate. Serve this delicious cake at your next party to impress fellow chocolate lovers.

10. PHILLY Brownie Cheesecake

PHILLY Brownie Cheesecake

Can’t choose between brownies or cheesecake? Enjoy them both with this PHILLY Brownie Cheesecake recipe. This combo dessert is great to serve on Valentine’s Day.

Our most pinned Valentine’s Day recipes are loved for a reason. Whether you are throwing a party or cooking up a romantic dinner for two, these pinnable recipes are just what you need. They are so good, you’ll want to enjoy them all year round.

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