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10 Ideas for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
10 Ideas for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

10 Ideas for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Get recipe: Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

It’s a well-known fact that chocolate chip cookies are incredibly delicious, but did you also know that there’s an entire holiday dedicated to them? That’s right! August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and we’ve got some amazing recipes here to help you celebrate. Discover classic cookie recipes which are perfect for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. You’ll also find recipes for shakes, pies and cakes, all of which are cookie-inspired. So check out the article below, and enjoy any one of these amazing chocolate chip cookie ideas from My Food and Family!

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Banana Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cookie Banana Muffins

Start the day off on the right note with these Chocolate Chip Cookie Banana Muffins. Morning gets a dose of chocolate chip flavor when you pair these delectable muffins with your breakfast entrée.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake

Can’t decide between cookies or a milkshake? You don’t have to! Get the best of both worlds when you try this cold and creamy Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake.

3. Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Simplicity is bliss when it comes to these Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. Our Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are filled with delicious semi-sweet chocolate chunks which get warm and gooey in the oven.

4. Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chunk Cookies

If you love peanut butter, we’ve got you covered. Creamy peanut butter and sweet chocolate chunks are the perfect combo in these Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

5. Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

Keep it classic with this Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe. With rich chocolate chunks and chopped pecans, this simple Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe is hard to beat.

6. Coffee-Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Coffee-Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Try our Coffee-Chocolate Chunk Cookies for a fun twist on a classic recipe. A little bit of java flavor is all you need to jazz up these chocolate chip cookies!

7. Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe

Lovin’ the chocolate chip cookie crust? Enjoy our delicious Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe. This delectable 3-in-1 dessert is sure to be a crowd-favorite!

8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cream Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cream Cake

Delight your taste buds with this luscious Chocolate Chip Cookie Cream Cake. Creamy chocolate pudding and fluffy whipped topping make this chocolate chip cookie dessert one of our faves.

9. Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sour Cream-Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Keep calm and cookie on with our Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies. Everyone will be surprised when you tell them that sour cream is the secret ingredient!

10. Mudslide Pie

Mudslide Pie

Take your chocolate chip cookie game to the next level with our Mudslide Pie. After all, the only thing better than pie is pie with a crunchy chocolate chip cookie crust!

We’re just as excited for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day as you are. We hope that you (and your inner cookie monster) enjoy the day!

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