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7 Totchos Ideas to Get You Through the Week

7 Totchos Ideas to Get You Through the Week

Get recipe: Jamaican-Style Pork Totchos

Any way to incorporate nachos and TATER TOTS in one dish is good with us, so totchos just might be the perfect creation: delicious nachos-style toppings cover TATER TOTS to create a beautiful combination of smothered potato puffs! Whether you want to go with a classic, like cheese, sour cream, salsa and guac, or if you want to get a little more creative with pulled pork and barbecue sauce, these ideas for totchos are great for entrees, appetizers, parties and more.

1. Loaded Totchos

Totchos Loaded

Watch this video to get a first-hand lesson on creating the delicacy that is Loaded Totchos. Learn how to make totchos and get going on these cheesy totchos!

2. Meat Lover's Totchos

Meat Lover's Totchos

These Meat Lover’s Totchos are full of ham, pepperoni and Italian sausage and tons of delicious flavor. Make them for the carnivores in your family!

3. Pot Roast Totchos

Pot Roast Totchos

Incorporate some comfort food into your totchos. Pot Roast Totchos are topped with shredded beef, veggies and gravy and are a fantastic appetizer for a cold winter’s day.

4. Veggie Totchos

Veggie Totchos

Got veggie fans in the house? Try out these Veggie Totchos! They’ve got olives, tomatoes and peppers, and the dish is prepped in just 15 minutes.

5. Broccoli and 3-Cheese Totchos

Broccoli and 3-Cheese Totchos

For more veggie-full goodness, enjoy these Broccoli and 3-Cheese Totchos. These totchos are ridiculously gooey with Cheddar, Swiss and ricotta cheese.

6. Jamaican-Style Pork Totchos

Jamaican-Style Pork Totchos

Spice up your pre-dinner bites with Jamaican-Style Pork Totchos! Adding jerk seasoning, pineapples and mango help give these totchos some island flair.

7. Bacon and Sausage Breakfast-Time Totchos

Bacon and Sausage Breakfast-Time Totchos

Totchos in the morning? Don’t mind if we do! These Bacon and Sausage Breakfast-Time Totchos include all your morning favorites to help guarantee a great start to the day.

With this list of totchos ideas, you’ll definitely be able to find one to cook to treat your family or friends. Don’t forget to explore our other totchos recipes, as well as our recipes for nachos!

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