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7 Delicious New Year’s Eve Cocktails
7 Delicious New Year’s Eve Cocktails

7 Delicious New Year’s Eve Cocktails

Get recipe: Double-Berry Martini

Kick the New Year off with a bang! This list of New Year’s Eve Cocktails will help you find the perfect libations to pair with witty banter and a midnight countdown with your loved ones. While we love classic Manhattans and martinis, we wanted to highlight drinks with a twist for our list of New Year’s Eve cocktails. If your event is to be a whole evening affair, you may want to explore our New Year’s Eve Menu recipe collection. However, if you are hosting for desserts and drinks, our Delicious Desserts Recipes may be more helpful. You’ll find a whole host of seasonal dish ideas of all types in our Holiday Recipes. No matter what food you serve, these great New Year’s Eve cocktails are sure to be a big hit!

1. French Martini Recipe

French Martini Recipe

Our French Martini Recipe is a tasty take on the classic vodka martini and is surprisingly easy to prepare. Enjoy a delightfully fruity experience with the taste of raspberries and pineapple.

2. Double-Berry Martin

Double-Berry Martini

Speaking of martinis, perhaps our Double-Berry Martini is more to your liking. Rather than using pineapple juice as in the French Martini, the Double-Berry Martini pairs the taste of raspberry with cranberry juice cocktail. Add frozen cranberries to the glass for an extra flourish.

3. Whiskey Sour Drink Recipe

Whiskey Sour Drink Recipe

Our tasty Whiskey Sour Drink Recipe may be the most straightforward of the cocktails on our list, but it’s also a welcome change of pace from more widely ordered cocktails. The lemon and maraschino cherries provide a great contrast to the whiskey, and it’s sure to make your guests perk up!

4. Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

A fruity take on the classic cosmopolitan, our Pomegranate Cosmopolitan is a variation that is sure to please. Orange, lime, cranberry and pomegranate flavors team up in a surprisingly delicious harmony.

5. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Not only is coffee great paired with whiskey, but it will help you make sure you get all the way to the countdown at the end of the evening! Try our simple and classic Irish Coffee if you need an extra boost.

6. Bourbon Cheesecake Shots

Bourbon Cheesecake Shots

If whiskey is what you’re going for, perhaps you should try our Bourbon Cheesecake Shots. While not strictly speaking a cocktail, these thick and creamy shots combine a classic bar order and one of our favorite desserts.

7. Holiday Eggnog

Holiday Eggnog

7. Finally, no New Year’s Eve cocktail list would be complete without a nod to eggnog. Our Holiday Eggnog is made without alcohol and is a great treat for the kids if they’re still awake!

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