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10 of Our Top Cookie Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day

10 of Our Top Cookie Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day

Get recipe: Turtle Cookie Balls

The holiday season is upon us, which means you'll need to start planning for parties, cookie exchanges and gift-giving. Explore some of our top cookie recipes to make for whatever winter festivities you have coming up. Our holiday cookie recipes can help guide you, too! Be sure to learn how to package cookies properly once you've baked these top cookie recipes.

1. Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Our top cookie recipe is for Mexican Wedding Cookies! This simple recipe yields 48 deliciously buttery balls of goodness. You could even substitute chopped walnuts or hazelnuts for the chopped pecans in this recipe.

2. Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Bars

Get the chewy, caramel-chocolate goodness you desire from these Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Bars. With layers of shortbread cookie, caramel, and chocolate, these cookie bars are reminiscent of a delightfully crunchy candy bar.

3. Gingersnaps Cookie Balls

Gingersnaps Cookie Balls

The holiday season wouldn't be the same without the flavor of gingersnaps, so prepare some Gingersnaps Cookie Balls as a unique take on the classic gingerbread cookie! Simple yet elegant, this top cookie recipe only requires three ingredients.

4. Easy OREO Truffles

Easy OREO Truffles

If you love OREO Cookies, you'll love this recipe for Easy OREO Truffles! With a rich, truffle-like center, these OREO truffles make a great gift or a tasty addition to your holiday dessert table.

5. Magic Cookie Bars with Chocolate Chunks

Magic Cookie Bars with Chocolate Chunks

What makes these Magic Cookie Bars with Chocolate Chunks so special? We'd like to think it's the combination of graham cracker crumbs, semi-sweet chocolate, coconut and pecans, but it's probably the love you put into baking them!

6. White Chocolate-Peppermint Pudding Cookies

White Chocolate-Peppermint Pudding Cookies

Not only are these White Chocolate-Peppermint Pudding Cookies adorably sprinkled with real peppermint candies, they taste delicious, too! The JELL-O pudding in these cookies makes them extra moist.

7. Big-Batch Kris Kringle Cookies

Big Batch Kris Kringle Cookies

Set out these Big-Batch Kris Kringle Cookies on Christmas Eve to please the guy in the red suit—or just eat them yourself. These cookies are chock-full of white chocolate, dried cranberries and pecans!

8. Turtle Cookie Balls

Turtle Cookie Balls

Our visitors love cookie balls, and these Turtle Cookie Balls are no exception! Get the flavor of the turtle candies you know and love with these scrumptious bites of caramel, chocolate and pecans.

9. Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies

No cookie platter is complete without a classic recipe for Thumbprint Cookies! Choose whichever fruit preserves you'd like to fill these, and put a smile on everyone's faces.

10. Peppermint-OREO Cookie Balls

Peppermint-OREO Cookie Balls

These Peppermint-OREO Cookie Balls are so good, they might end up being the highlight of your cookie platter. Filled with chopped candy canes, cream cheese and OREO Cookies, they certainly capture the peppermint magic of the season!

For more delicious holiday cookie recipes, be sure to check out our collection of Christmas cookies! Our festive issue of Food and Family Magazine has everything you need for great holiday entertaining.

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