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How to Peel a Boiled Egg
How to Peel a Boiled Egg

How to Peel a Boiled Egg

First you learned how to boil an egg. But now you need to know how to peel a boiled egg! There’s nothing worse than egg shell in your deviled eggs or egg salad, or if the eggs break or tear while you try to remove the shell. But once you learn how to peel a boiled egg properly, you’ll be able to slip that shell off with ease so you can make your favorite egg-based dishes—or just eat a boiled egg on its own!

Methods for Peeling a Boiled Egg

Method 1: Peel eggs in an ice bath

Once you boil your eggs, fill a bowl with ice cubes and water and place them into the ice bath to cool them down. You may need to change the water a few times to make sure the eggs completely cool. Once cooled, use your hands to peel the cracked and cooled eggs directly in the ice water bath. The water seeps under the shell’s thin film that clings to the whites and helps release the shell.

Method 2: Peel eggs with a spoon

Only need to peel a couple of eggs? The spoon method is quick and efficient when you’re working with a small batch. Tap the fat end of the eggs with a spoon and peel a tiny bit with your fingers. Slip the spoon under the shell so that the curve of the spoon follows the curve of the egg. Rotate the egg and move the spoon to release the shell.

Once you’ve learned how to peel a boiled egg, explore our breadth of hard-boiled egg recipes so you can eat those peeled boiled eggs!

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