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10 Easy Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas
10 Easy Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas

10 Easy Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas

Wondering what to make for a fantastic (and more importantly, tasty) Mother's Day breakfast? We have 10 easy Mother's Day breakfast ideas you can pick and choose from for celebrating with family. Want to set up a grazing table? Look no further. Explore egg bakes, muffins, coffee cakes and more. Learn how and what to make for Mother's Day breakfast with these 10 easy ideas from My Food and Family.

1. Cheesy Broccoli Egg Bake

Cheesy Broccoli Egg Bake

For a savory dish that’s great for sharing, try out this simple Cheesy Broccoli Egg Bake. This egg bake works just as well for Mother's Day breakfast as brunch.

2. Easy Chocolate Chip-Banana Muffins

Easy Chocolate Chip-Banana Muffins

Bake a handheld breakfast dessert you can all nibble on like these Easy Chocolate Chip-Banana Muffins. If you're the planning type, store these muffins in the freezer for up to 6 weeks. Thaw in the refrigerator and you're ready to go with another great Mother's Day breakfast idea.

3. Blintz Lemon Quiche Cups

Blintz Lemon Quiche Cups

Unlike what the name suggests, these Blintz Lemon Quiche Cups are not savory like your typical quiche. Think blintz filling with ricotta! Bake these in little ramekins and top with powdered sugar and raspberries for a beautiful highlight for your table.

4. "Eggs in Clouds" over a "Field of Greens"

Eggs in Clouds over a Field of Greens

This dish is another show-stopper for the table that looks super impressive but are actually easier to make than they seem. If your mom is focused on health, try this Healthy Living recipe "Eggs in Clouds" over a "Field of Greens." Top a refreshing spinach salad with a whipped baked egg white.

5. Sausage & Apple Corn Muffins Recipe

Sausage & Apple Corn Muffins Recipe

Mix up your muffin game by bringing something savory to the table. Sausage & Apple Corn Muffins are another quick mother's day breakfast idea that you can make ahead.

6. Strawberry Sangria

Strawberry Sangria

Breakfast or brunch drinks should be light and refreshing. The fruitier, the better. Mix up a big batch of Strawberry Sangria with strawberries, oranges, rose wine and club soda for your Mother's Day breakfast.

7. Jam-Filled Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins

Jam-Filled Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins

Take poppyseed muffins to the next level for Mother's Day. Make Jam-Filled Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins that morning for toasty delicious breakfast bites.

8. Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

Set up a Cold-Brew Iced Coffee station ahead of time with the brewed coffee, ice, creamers and syrups. This recipe is so great because you can make your coffee ahead of time and it can sit out on a grazing table or coffee station.

9. Easy Coffee Cake

Easy Coffee Cake

Make something sweet and cinnamon-swirled to set out with your cold brew iced coffee. This Easy Coffee Cake will make for a delicious complement to breakfast.

10. Cheesy Baked Egg and Jack Sandwiches

Cheesy Baked Egg and Jack Sandwiches

These Cheesy Baked Egg and Jack Sandwiches are another simple way to make breakfast for a crowd. Since everything is made in one pan, serving, baking and clean up are a snap. For an even easier clean up, try foil pans. Now you know just what to make for Mother's Day.

Make Mother's Day something special with these 10 easy Mother's Day breakfast ideas. With these recipes, you'll be prepared for anything. Whether it's just you and your mom or a whole crowd, there is something for everyone.

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