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At-Home Activities for the Whole Family

At-Home Activities for the Whole Family

Fill your home with laughs, smiles and fun with these at-home activities and indoor games from My Food and Family. With a little bit of creativity, your family will have a blast right at home with these at-home activities and indoor games.

1. Play musical chairs—with a twist!

Set up musical chairs and get some music going. When the music ends, the person left standing draws an animal name out of a hat and acts it out for others to guess. Repeat this until all of the chairs and animals are gone.

2. Set up a scavenger hunt.

Hide candies, party favors, toys or other treats around the house or garden. Create clues for each hunter and a list of items they have to collect. At the end of the hunt, everyone can show off or divvy up their treasures!

3. Hold a games competition.

Set up teams and conduct relay races, obstacle courses, tug of war and other activities right in your backyard. Hand out fun prizes or homemade trophies at the end.

4. Put together a shoebox dig.

Find a few old shoe boxes and fill them with sand, dirt and “artifacts” like small prizes, coins, beads and more. Let the kids experience the excitement of an archeological expedition.

5. Have a karaoke night.

Put on some tunes, grab a microphone (or a pretend microphone) and allow everyone to take turns singing some of their favorite songs. Take it a step further and dress up like your favorite singer.

6. Play “Who Am I?”

Have each player write the name of a famous person on a scrap of paper and pin it to the back of another player’s shirt. Now, players should go around the room and take turns asking questions aimed at guessing their secret identity.

7. Host a “jewelry party”.

Set out beads, cord, pendants, clasps, sequins and more at different stations. Let the kids go around and make their own jeweled creations.

8. Create fun mobiles.

Cut shapes like stars, circles, triangles or alphabet letters out of cardboard or heavy construction paper. Let the kids create their own mobiles with yarn. Once they’re finished, hang them from the ceiling to show off their masterpieces.

With a little bit of creativity and imagination, spending time at home or indoors can be just as fun as going out to do something. For more tips and ideas like this, be sure to check out our other great kids’ activities!

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