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Valentine’s Day Grazing Table Ideas to Win Over Anyone
Valentine’s Day Grazing Table Ideas to Win Over Anyone

Valentine’s Day Grazing Table Ideas to Win Over Anyone

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? Perhaps you’re hosting an alternative to a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration, treating your roommates to a Galentine’s Day brunch or celebrating the holiday by yourself. One of our favorite ways to celebrate any occasion is with a table full of treats and snacks, both savory and sweet. Try a Valentine’s Day grazing table for your celebration this year, whether you’re getting together with friends, enjoying the holiday at work or creating a special night for couples. If your celebration looks smaller this year, you can adapt your Valentine’s Day grazing table to feed less people.

How to Decorate a Valentine's Day Grazing Table

When you’re getting your grazing table ideas together, consider the layout of the food as well as other decorations. For Valentine’s Day, try a pretty pink linen table cloth as the perfect backdrop to brownies, dips and more. After you lay out the table cloth, sprinkle the table with rose gold confetti and/or heart-shaped confetti—in this case, we’d say two types are better than one. Opt for white crepe paper flowers to complement all the pink and red on the table. Then, you can add all the tasty treats you’d like.

When it comes to tableware and flatware, there are plenty of options for your Valentine’s Day grazing table. For instance, set out heart-shaped ramekins to act as cute dishes for your guests, or try your hand at a delicious crème brûlée recipe to serve in them individually. Wrap cloth napkins around a fork and knife and tie them off with heart-shaped napkin rings to create a restaurant-quality experience for your special someone.

Valentine's Day Grazing Table Recipes

See our list below for some of our favorite Valentine’s Day grazing table ideas for a lovely day or night.

1. Heart-Shaped Valentine Brownies

Heart-Shaped Valentine Brownies

This heart-shaped brownie recipe uses a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut these raspberry-flavored brownies into their festive shape. These special brownies are a great grazing table idea because they’re so easy to eat off a packed plate or right out of your hand!

2. Valentine’s Day Popcorn

Valentine’s Day Popcorn

This special blend of popcorn combines tiny pretzel twists, mini marshmallows, drizzled chocolate, freeze-dried raspberries and two kinds of sprinkles for a cute, salty-sweet mix that everyone will love.

3. Berry Crumble-Cheese Board

Berry Crumble Cheese Board

While a cheese board can be a great appetizer platter on its own, adding this one to your Valentine’s Day grazing table makes perfect sense. It’s got gorgeous berries, cheeses, crackers and more, all things that will complement the rest of the items on your grazing table.

4. Easy Spinach Artichoke Dip with Cheese

Easy Spinach-Artichoke Dip with Cheese

Fill beautiful bowls with a classic spinach artichoke dip and the following hummus spread for easy grazing. Be sure to set out chips, cut vegetables and/or crackers for perfect drive-by dipping.

5. Chunky Vegetable Hummus Spread

Chunky Vegetable Hummus Spread

When you make this unique hummus spread, you’ll see why it’s so highly rated. Serve it with small pieces of pita bread and other dippable snacks on your Valentine’s Day grazing table.

6. Easy Deviled Eggs

Easy Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are an impressive dish to serve that make any gathering special, no matter how small. Arrange them on a gorgeous porcelain deviled egg platter to help them stand out. The platter will also help your guests easily pluck them from the table.

7. Kale-Pesto Flatbread

Kale-Pesto Flatbread

This flatbread is another great hand-held dish. Kale-Pesto Flatbread is bursting with flavor from the kale, sliced almonds, garlic, EVOO, Parm, lemon juice and cherry tomatoes.

What are you waiting for? Get your grazing table ideas together for a perfectly wonderful Valentine’s Day. No matter how you’re celebrating the holiday, everyone will love your table full of deliciousness!

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