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8 Luscious Poke Cakes to Make ASAP
8 Luscious Poke Cakes to Make ASAP

8 Luscious Poke Cakes to Make ASAP

Trying out new desserts on your family and friends is a fun time, especially when that new dessert is a poke cake. Poke cakes are a rite of passage for dessert lovers. Moist, fluffy and delicious, a poke cake is a cake that you poke holes into after baking. Afterwards, you fill the holes with gelatin, pudding or cream. If that sounds like an amazing dessert experience to you, that’s because it is! Poke cakes originated in the 1970s, and they’ve recently made a major comeback. Sweet, simple and semi-kitschy, poke cakes have withstood the decades to prove that they are a truly timeless dessert. Would you like to try your hand at one? Check out our easy poke cake recipes from My Food and Family below!

1. Pudding Poke Cake

Pudding Poke Cake

For a classic poke cake recipe, try our easy Pudding Poke Cake. Five ingredients is all you need for this chocolatey crowd-pleaser.

2. Luscious Lemon Poke Cake

Luscious Lemon Poke Cake

Lemon lovers unite! This Luscious Lemon Poke Cake gets its sweet, tangy flavor from creamy lemon pudding and gelatin.

3. Carrot Poke Cake

Carrot Poke Cake

Surprise them when you serve carrot cake with an interesting twist. Tangy orange gelatin filling is the perfect complement to cream cheese frosting in our Carrot Poke Cake recipe.

4. Peanut Butter Poke Cake Brownies

Peanut Butter Poke Cake Brownies

For the best of both worlds, bake a batch of Peanut Butter Poke Cake Brownies. Cake meets brownies in this moist, chocolatey dessert mixed with peanut butter and COOL WHIP.

5. 1-2-3 Cherry Poke Cake

1-2-3 Cherry Poke Cake

Make a dessert is as simple as 1-2-3 with our 1-2-3 Cherry Poke Cake. This poke cake with cherry pie filling and chocolate curls is hard to beat.

6. Gelatin Poke Cake

Gelatin Poke Cake

When it comes to dessert, this fabulously fruity Gelatin Poke Cake takes the cake! Watch the video to learn how to make this easy poke cake recipe for your next party.

7. Watergate Poke Cake

Watergate Poke Cake

For a dessert that’s as pretty as it is tasty, try our Watergate Poke Cake recipe. Topped with mini marshmallows and pecans, this poke cake includes pineapple for a touch of fruity flavor.

8. Summer Berry Poke Cake

Summer Berry Poke Cake

Our Summer Berry Poke Cake tastes delicious during summer—and any time of the year! With fresh berries, fruity gelatin and tasty KOOL-AID, this poke cake is packed with flavor.

We hope you enjoyed our top eight recipes for luscious poke cakes! If you like these easy poke cake recipes, be sure to check out our JELL-O recipes for a look at other delicious ways to use this poke cake ingredient.

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