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Creative Recipes with Mayonnaise
Creative Recipes with Mayonnaise

Creative Recipes with Mayonnaise

If I could only keep one condiment in my fridge at all times, it would be a jar of mayonnaise. The creamy spread is often overlooked as just for sandwiches and potato salad, but it is much more versatile than that. You can find tons of recipes with mayonnaise on My Food and Family that uses this multi-tasking spread in different ways.

The first thing that showed me how to use mayonnaise in new ways was the humble grilled cheese. I was in a panic when I forgot to soften butter and accidentally melted it when I zapped it in the microwave for a few seconds too long. (Oops!) So I tried spreading some KRAFT Real Mayo Mayonnaise on the outside of the bread, edge to edge, and the result was the crispiest, most evenly golden brown, melty grilled cheese I’ve ever tasted. If you need to make your kids an after-school snack — or yourself a late-night treat — this is the fastest way to do it.

However, mayonnaise shouldn’t just be for anything between sliced bread, even if it is the key to a perfect tuna salad sandwich. Mayo is the secret to creaminess in any dish, especially when you need to whip up quick appetizers when watching the game or getting ready for the holidays. Deviled eggs — especially baconified BLT Deviled Eggs — come together quickly to keep hungry relatives out of the kitchen when you’re finishing dinner, and classic spinach artichoke dip gets hot ’n’ bubbly from an easy, cheesy mayonnaise base. Don’t even get me started on how it helps up the ante of the already-decadent Philadelphia cream cheese filling in Baked Crab Rangoon, life’s most perfect Chinese-American appetizer! I always make a double batch for parties, because I know they’ll fly off the tray.

If I could survive solely on dips and appetizers, I probably would. But since our bodies require a little more protein and substance to survive, you can also try recipes with mayonnaise for dinner entrees! Use it as the glue to stick breadcrumbs or crushed buttery crackers to Parmesan Baked Salmon, served with Un-Fried French Fries. Those fries would be great dipped in Mayochup (aka Heinz’s tangy mayo-ketchup blend) or, to be a little fancier, a little grated garlic mixed into mayo for an aioli-ish dipper like the French would do — also perfect with roasted asparagus. The possibilities for one jar are truly endless. If loving mayonnaise is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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