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8 New Fall TV Show Recipe Pairings
8 New Fall TV Show Recipe Pairings

8 New Fall TV Show Recipe Pairings

Changing seasons mean longer nights, and longer nights mean more time to get obsessed with a new series (or two, or three or four). The prospect of cozying up with some exciting new TV shows this fall (as well as new seasons of our old favorites) almost makes the shorter days and chilly weather bearable.

As every avid TV-watcher knows, no cozy night-in is complete without something tasty to munch on. If you’re nodding your head, keep reading! We’ve compiled a list of 12 TV shows we’re looking forward to marathoning this season, and what we’re planning to eat while we do it. These TV show recipe pairings will keep you going until the season finale.

1. Southern Shrimp and Grits

Southern Shrimp and Grits

Pair this Southern culinary favorite with Bless the Harts, a comedy about a family in Greenpoint, NC, working tirelessly in pursuit of the American Dream. This classic North Carolina dish gets its flavor from parsley, lemon juice, garlic and, of course, bacon.

2. Bats & Cats Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Bats & Cats Chocolate Halloween Cookies

What better way to celebrate the TV debut of comic book heroine Batwoman than with her namesake animal, the bat? We usually bake up these chocolatey bat-shaped cookies for Halloween, but they taste just as delicious any time of the year.

3. Cheesy Parmesan Popcorn

Cheesy Parmesan Popcorn

The fourth season of our favorite techy drama, Mr. Robot, premiers this October, and we’re planning to celebrate with some popcorn, one of character Elliot’s frequent on-screen snacks. This popcorn recipe incorporates Parmesan cheese for a savory twist.

4. Magical Mystery Microwave S'Mores Cake

Magical Mystery Microwave S'Mores Cake

There’s nothing we’d rather munch on than a cake with an air of mystery while watching Nancy Drew, our favorite teen sleuth, solve crimes around her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine. This microwavable cake only takes five minutes to cook so you won't miss out on any of the action.

5. Baja Fish Tacos

Baja Fish Tacos

In honor of character Tookie’s taco food cart, we’re pairing the new Portland-based series Stumptown with fish tacos. Shredded cheese, tilapia, coleslaw and cilantro make this the perfect hand-held dish to eat on the couch.

6. Apple-Cinnamon Blinis

Apple-Cinnamon Blinis

Catherine the Great, a scandal-packed drama about the former Empress of Russia, demands an equally regal recipe pairing. These apple-cinnamon blinis, a traditionally Russian-style pancake, incorporate two of our favorite fall ingredients: Granny Smith apples and cinnamon. Top with a dollop of sour cream and you’re ready to watch.

7. Zombie Slime Fondue

Zombie Slime Fondue

Get into zombie mode with the post-apocalyptic teen drama Daybreak and a slimy dessert to dip your fangs into. White chocolate, whipping cream and green food coloring make up this deceivingly tasty dish that’s just as flavorful as it is spooky.

8. Frozen Yogurt-Berry Dessert

Frozen Yogurt-Berry Dessert

If there’s one food the residents of the dystopic (or is it utopic?) afterlife universe in The Good Place are obsessed with, it’s frozen yogurt. This yogurt-based recipe combines oats, pecans, mixed berries and more into a creamy frozen dessert that’s sure to please everyone in your family room.

Looking for more tasty ways to watch? Be sure to check out our Movie Night Dinner Menu. Happy munching!

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