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Hosting Friendsgiving for Your Besties

Hosting Friendsgiving for Your Besties

The holiday months can quickly become stressful. From planning dishes, to travel, to figuring out what gift to get that family member that already has everything, we’ve all been there. Thanksgiving, however, is one of those holidays that can be based on the simple act of joining others for a delicious meal around the table and expressing gratitude for that moment. Nowadays, we see more and more creative ways to celebrate holiday season, including hosting Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is an opportunity to bond with your besties around great drinks, your favorite foods and toasting to the folks who also help you get through the year outside of family and relatives. Below, we’ll cover how to throw a Friendsgiving reunion that’s sure to become an annual tradition.

Call up your closest friends and get the invite out! If you’re hoping to host a Friendsgiving close to Thanksgiving, it’s important to set a date and let your attendees know with enough time in advance. Set a reminder to send out an email, social media invite or your preferred method of contact for early October (if you’re hoping to plan your event sometime in November). Doing so will give you enough time to plan for setting your table and how much food you’ll need to entertain.

Set the Mood

If you have the space to host everyone around one big table, you’ll want to spend some time thinking about how to set the Friendsgiving mood. If you’re hosting during the fall season, you’ll want to find some easy decorations to set the table with. Look for gourds, small pumpkins, garlands, festive table-runners and other fall-inspired decorations to set across the table. For an even cozier feel, add artificial tea candles around these for soft light and warmth.

You might also consider making a playlist of some of your favorite songs that people in the group will like. There’s nothing like enjoying a good meal with great tunes!

Planning the Meal

The best part of Friendsgiving is sharing. If you’re the host, you’ll want to provide the main dishes for the event, but we recommend encouraging your guests to each bring one of their favorite dishes to share. Whether that’s ooey gooey Pumpkin Pie Bars or a delicious casserole, the more to try, the merrier. Some of our favorite recipes for main dishes include a Slow-Cooker Pot Roast that allows you to get other things done while it slowly cooks, or even roasted chicken paired with delicious veggies. Remember to check the recipe for serving recommendations to make sure you have enough for all of your guests to eat and possibly come back for seconds!

Of course, nothing completes a meal like delicious seasonal beverages, which means it’s your change to get creative. Find seasonal fruit and create a delicious autumnal cocktail or sangria. For dessert, make a tasty Apple Cider Latte for a sweet end to the meal. In addition to these beverages, be sure to have a few other basic options available in the beverage department for guests or encourage your guests to bring their own favorite beverage to share!


‘Tis the season for gratitude, and if you’re hosting Friendsgiving, chances are you’ve got some pretty awesome people to be thankful for. We recommend playing a gratitude game such as this one:

Give guests a sheet of paper with a writing utensil and instruct them to anonymously write three things they are grateful for. Then, have them fold up their sheet and place it in a gratitude jar. Shake it up, and then have a person pick out a sheet from the jar, read the list aloud and guess whose gratitude sheet they’ve picked out. Complete this until you’ve guessed everyone’s list around the table.

We hope you found this article on how to host Friendsgiving useful as you plan your special day with friends. Remember, there are no restrictions to hosting Friendsgiving. Whether you decide on a brunch or dinnertime event, the only rule is to have fun and do it with love. Make your list ahead of time and get in the Friendsgiving spirit for an epic time.

Looking for more holiday inspiration? Explore our holiday recipes collection and more of our Friendsgiving recipes.

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