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Ten Frugal (yet Fabulous) Foodie Gift Ideas
Ten Frugal (yet Fabulous) Foodie Gift Ideas

Ten Frugal (yet Fabulous) Foodie Gift Ideas

For some people, food goes beyond sustenance and enjoyment. For them dining is a deep and abiding passion. We’re talking, of course, about the group of humans known collectively as “foodies.” While foodies are known to periodically shower their loved ones with deliciously decadent food experiences, returning the favor can be difficult. One the one hand, you want to gift your foodie something that supports their deep love of all things culinary. On the other hand, they have some of the best stocked kitchens around. So what do you get as a gift for your foodie that they don’t already have? Never fear; we have gathered a helpful list of ten great foodie gift ideas that are a little out of the ordinary. Plus, every one of these gifts is priced under $50, so you don’t have to worry about blowing your budget, either.

  1. Serve charcuterie in style. This bamboo cheese board and knife set* is the perfect combination of practicality and style. Most of the foodies we know love to entertain, and this is an ideal way for them to present the antipasto course or the snacks that go along with a good ol’ wine and decompression session.

  2. One of the perks of being in love with a foodie is, often times, getting treated to breakfast in bed. With this bed tray*, you can dine in style while still in repose. Plus, if you get two of them, you may be able to enjoy breakfast in bed together. Sunday just got a lot more appealing.

  3. Garlic is a must-have for a whole slew of recipes. Plus, we’ve never once had a dining experience where there was too much garlic in a dish. Let your foodie go all out on the garlic, without having to smell like it for days afterwards. This stainless steel “soap”* eliminates lingering garlic scents with a short session under the tap.Garlic

  4. It is nearly impossible to overstate the importance of a sturdy, reliable citrus juicer*. Try preparing a large, citrus-based pork marinade without one, and you’ll see yourself why it’s vital to have one around. The stainless steel Lu Cucina juicer features a locking, built-in strainer to filter out pulp and seeds from your juice. Plus, that’s a pretty amazing looking design.

  5. We are smack dab in the middle of what some are calling a gin renaissance. With craft distilleries and worldwide consumption of gin on the rise, there’s no reason your foodie can’t get in on the fun, too. This DIY gin kit* is a great jumping off point for your foodie to experiment with their fondness for all things juniper-related. Double Berry Martini

  6. You don’t need a big, fancy machine to enjoy espresso at home. All you need is one of these stove-top espresso mocha pots*. Your foodie will love this, not just for the ease, but also for the classic design elements. This foodie gift idea really stands the test of time and you can make your own expresso with Gevalia coffee beans.

  7. Take taco night up a notch with these simple and innovative taco holder stands*. Now you can easily fill and handle the most delicious of street foods. There won’t be any more soggy tortilla mess on your foodie’s plate. Plus, the presentation is to die for.

    Avocado Lime Sweet Potato Tacos

  8. This cast iron grill pan* is a necessity for any serious food fanatic. Your foodie will love the ability to get their grill on indoors, any time of year. If they don’t already own one, this foodie gift idea is sure to be a big hit. This grill pan can do it all. From steaks to chicken to grilled cheese, it will get put to good use.

  9. Harken back to a bygone era with this styling, sturdy fondue set*. This is a great gift for the foodie who likes to entertain in fun and surprising ways. Nothing brings people together like to chance to enjoy molten cheese or chocolate fondue recipes.

  10. While it may seem basic, a good apron* is essential for any aspiring foodie. They last a long time and can be worn almost every single time they cook. And nothing beats a thoughtful, well executed meal, but it’s also nice to look sharp while you’re making it. This sleek apron with subtle pinstripes will keep your foodie looking their best.

We hope you’ve had as much fun reading all about these great, affordable gifts for foodies as we had writing about them. There’s something really magical about well crafted, functional kitchen accessories. Mostly, however, we hope we’ve helped you find the perfect gift idea to make your foodie’s special day truly memorable (and delicious).

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